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In this episode of Gaming For A Non-Gamer, I tossed my wife into the wide world of online multiplayer. It went about as well as you guessed it would. This is what online multiplayer is like for someone who doesn’t play games.


Thanks to CrayTrey for editing the audio!



  1. Ey. If you'd like to see more from me on a regular basis, check out my twitter @theRazbuten, and also follow me on me on Twitch for streams or whatever: https://www.twitch.tv/razbuten

    In general, I just wanna say that I hope you're all staying safe in this scary and weird time. One silver-lining that has come from this is that now my wife (more locally known as the Lady I Live With) is working from home, so we will have a little more time to record stuff for this series, and she will even be able to drop in for some streams every once and awhile. I've got a lot of big ideas for the series and channel as a whole, and I look forward to being able to share them with you all over the next few months. As always feel free to leave your recommendations for games you'd like us to cover in this series. Have a good one, and see you soon.

    Edit: I changed the thumbnail because I didn't really like how it looked on YT (the bright colors from that Fortnite picture didn't really mesh well with the color scheme I like to use for Gaming For A Non-Gamer, and while I think it looks fine in Photoshop, when things are shrunk down and compressed on YT, it looks less fine). I know most of you don't care, probably, but just in case you were like "what the fuck? why did the thumbnail change?" this is why. I am weird. Sorry.

  2. I came here for league of legends gameplay, 10 mins in and you tell me she didn't even try/play league that much. Clickbait much? Use another game for the picture… I rlly wanted to see the thoughts of a new player playing a league game live lul

  3. Wonderful video! Onboarding new players, users, learners etc. is a problem happening in many industries and hobbies. And not many designers or other people responsible figured out what to do to improve this process. Gaming example can be useful.

  4. I kinda did the same exact experiment with my girlfriend and the results are almost exactly the same with her enjoying fortnite the most and hating league the most

  5. I love playing League when I have friends to communicate with and who have my back. I hate when high ranked players play beginner level and then bitch at me for not knowing where to go or what to do when I'm not playing with friends. I'm on beginner level for a reason. I really wish League would figure out a system where you play with people around your rank. I can't learn how to play better when I get frustrated for the toxicity.

  6. The nice thing about a lot of multiplayer games is that while most of the playerbase are a bunch of try hards and just wanna scream at someone, people who do well at the game are usually understanding of new players and take the time to try and teach better strategies to new comers. I have had my fair share of solid people show me the ways of how to play a certain game, and we ended up being teammates more than once. It's kinda a double edges sword since the internet cannot stop people from being toxic, but people can help other people by just taking it easy and showing others their own skills to make sure everyone has a good time.

  7. While there are a lot of helpful players out there giving help to new players, you can't really avoid those gatekeeper elitists that keep shouting at you, telling you how to play, that alone with the pre-determined mindset of trying not let everyone down is enough to drive a fresh player away from the game. That's just one sad fact of online multiplayer + team-based games :/

    Sooo yeah, to anyone that read this, if you were to encounter a fresh starter, cut them some slack and help them out yeah?

  8. I really like your final thoughts. I personally find myself burnt out of a competitive game and wish I could play it in a more casual gamemode all the time.

  9. The comment about the match making being at fault is party true. In league you often get paired with low ranked players while your enemy team has higher ranked ones even by two or three tiers. The fact she wants to stop playing league of legends shows she is smarter than most. Game is unpleasant don't get into it.

  10. DAMIT WHY FORTNITE GODDAMIT i mean at least she met him in the mid- this is more like the 30 percent mark right? i think so this might even be all the way in the negative


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