In todays video I talk about how to improve your resume to get a job as a developer in just a manner of minutes. Check it out!

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  1. This is a great video with something practical everyone could use. Tutorials are only a small part of this world. The biggest hurdle for anyone that didn't come up in the tech world is learning how to get a foot in the door. These tips are GOLD! Thumbs up keep up the great work Chris!

  2. should i add a photo or just leave it this way because i'm using photoshop to create my resume and i have that feeling that tells me to add a small photo in the resume so what i do???
    please help me and thank you in advance

  3. Hi guys! is it okay to put my past experience as an IT service desk to my resume? I'm currently looking for a jr. developer role. I know my previous job has nothing to with development but I don't want my employer to think I didn't do anything for the past year, so will it hurt my resume if I do put it?

  4. I've watched some of your other videos and honestly this one has been the most helpful thus far. I do feel like I need to complete a few more projects before I start applying. Thanks for your help, really appreciate it!

  5. Man I may have not started applying yet but I just want to thank you, CodingPhase, & Dreaded Dev for all y'all help. I don't think I would have stuck through the struggle of learning this skill without you guys. Thank you.

  6. The planes sounds are just fine. At least for me, if you would not mention, I would not pay attention and I listen in real good headphones. I mean I can hear them but I can still hear you good. So I would recomment you not to distract on airplanes sounds 🙂


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